Dressing a Petite Figure

Dressing a Petite Figure

Hey petite ladies! As a short woman, you are most likely bestowed with younger-looking features than taller ladies your age. So, you need to be pickier with what you wear. In the fashion world, ladies 5 feet 4 and under are considered "petite." 

However, it doesn't mean you can't be short and stylish at the same time. True, certain styles may not always flatter a shorter form.

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Wearing a well-fitted dress that emphasizes all your best qualities is a definite method to express confidence. However, when you're tiny, choosing the correct clothes might be difficult.

Along with clothing for your body form, your height and proportions are important considerations. We'll explain what it means to be small, how to shop for pieces that fit, and how to discover apparel that works for you to help you navigate your wardrobe.

1.    Elongated Designs


Certain styles will extend your appearance and draw attention to specific portions of your body more than others. Look for designs that don't overpower your frame, and keep in mind of proportions, such as the sleeve length: Petite-sizing brands we love, Dane Fashion.

A well-tailored, elegant pantsuit looks wonderful on any body type, but particularly on a petite lady. A slim jacket and pair of high-waisted pants are an excellent alternative for someone with shorter legs.

2.    You're Your Body Type

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Are you a pear, an apple, a rectangle, an hourglass, or an inverted triangle shape woman? Petites come in a variety of forms, so understanding yours can help you make better judgments.

3.    Switch to Crop Tops or Bodysuits


Before you roll your eyes, please hear us out! We're not suggesting you should always expose your belly button. Instead, consider crop tops because they don't fall below your hip bones.

Bodysuits are also a great option for a sleek appearance. This will balance out the proportions between your body and legs, something a tunic cannot achieve without tucking it in or adding a belt. To really nail this style, pair yours with high-waisted bottoms.

4.    Let's Talk Shoes


Chunky heels and sneakers are some of the current fashion trends. Don't get us wrong, the chunky trend can definitely look chic, such as when paired with oversized pieces to balance the look. However, one thing remains constant: they're not the most flattering option for a petite woman.

While high heels are a quick and easy way for short women to add length to their legs, anything heavy and bulky will accomplish the reverse. As a tiny lady, choosing shoes with a similar look would effortlessly look flattering.

5.    Dresses/Jumpsuits/Co-ord Sets are Your Best-friend


Okay, this is more of a recommendation than a tip: Put on a dress, jumpsuit, or co-ord set and never look back. Even if you're small, they are surprisingly easy to wear since they provide the illusion of a perfectly proportioned frame. They're simple to customize, and there's something intrinsically stylish about them. Seriously, give it a go.


We hope you find these suggestions useful. Petites, in our opinion, can wear nearly anything as long as you find the perfect balance in your outfit and create a fantastic silhouette. You can also join our community of chic petite fashion #DaneChicPetites by following us on Instagram.

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