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Holiday Gift Guide for Petites by Dane Fashion (Part 2)

Holiday Gift Guide for Petites (Part 2). All outfits mentioned here are from the Winter Collection of Dane Fashion, a petite-friendly Canadian brand.


If you are a petite woman or shopping for one, I am here to help you shop for the best petite-friendly gifts. If you missed part 1, it included clothing and shoe recommendations for petites. Below, I’ve included some of my favorite things and why I think they make the best gifts for this holiday season.

Petite Sweaters

FAVORITE SEASON KNIT CARDIGAN One Size (available in 4 colors)

Cardigan sweaters are great for petites who want to cover up.

They're versatile, too: you can wear them as a dress or over a dress, and even accessorize with a belt if you want to really change things up.

Petite Blouses

"I just happened to receive my first order today and I'm so happy with the products! This shirt was beautiful and Dane Fashion, I would like to say a huge thank you to your team for making petite fashion available for those who are 4'10 like me and have a hard time finding the right fit and stylish clothes. Absolutely love the clothes. It was the right fit and the fabric was lovely." - Archna Yadav | 4'10" (147 cm) | Australia

Once you've found a blouse that is the right length and fits your body type, it's time to look at details. When searching for the perfect blouse for you, look for something with interesting details such as embroidery or lace. If you want something more casual, try something with a relaxed fit; this will help keep your outfit from looking too structured and boxy.

If you're going to wear a skirt or pants with your shirt, make sure that there is some stretch in it so that it can move with you as well as keep its shape after multiple wears. Finally, when choosing an interesting piece of clothing like this one from Dane Fashion (a Canadian online retailer), look for an item where the front really catches your eye—something like an open collar would be perfect here!

petite satin shirt dane fashion
CLASSIC CHOICE Satin Dress Shirt S (available in 3 colors)

Check out our bestselling shirt. The great thing about satin is that it's so versatile. You can wear it as a skirt or top, depending on your needs for the day. It looks great with jeans or a nice pair of slacks.

Petite Work Pants

"4'10 always struggled to find the perfect black classic pants for myself but now that I have found Dane Fashion, I no longer will have this problem. I loved the fabric and it was the perfect fit for me. Absolutely loved it!" - Archna Yadav | 4'10" (147 cm) | Australia


NOOK Slit-Hem Dress Pant XS (available in 3 colors)

Looking for a pair of work pants that are petite-friendly? These work pants are made with you in mind.Our NOOK Slit-Hem Dress Pant gets you down to work in style! This fitted pant features a flattering high-rise waist, flat front and back welted pockets. Crafted in a soft cotton fabric, our cropped dress pant features a universally-flattering slim fit and a slit hem to create a modern twist on a classic style. 

Petite Maxi or Mini Skirts

PRETTY A-line Pleated Mini Skirt (available in 4+ colours)
  • Depending on her taste, she may be drawn to mini or maxi skirts

  • A pleated midi skirt is a must-have for any woman of any age who wants to look chic and feel comfortable in the winter.

  • Pleats is the perfect fabric for petites, as it drapes beautifully on our bodies and gives us some extra inches of length.

LIKE A DREAM Pleated Midi Skirt (available in 4+ colours)
  • The extra layer of softness that satin provides makes it a great choice for pregnant women who want to hide their baby bumps or breastfeeding moms looking for warmth while they're out and about.


If you are petite, we know how hard it is to find clothes and shoes that actually fit. So we've made this list of items you'll love and will appreciate the time we spent curating it for you.  We hope you find something for yourself or your petite beloved one here.

Keep an eye out for part 3 of our holiday gift guide! And for more petite fashion guidance, be sure to check out our petite style blogs. You can also join our community of chic petite fashion #danefashion by following us on Instagram.

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