Welcome to Our YouTube Channel petite fashion brand! + History of Petite Fashion

Welcome to Our YouTube Channel! + History of Petite Fashion


Welcome petite ladies to #DaneFashion. We're so glad you're here! Watch our welcome video to get started. We're excited to share some of the stories behind our petite fashion brand and inspiration. 🙆 The world is changing, and so are we!

Our YouTube channel is dedicated to helping petite women who are 5'4 (163 cm) or shorter, feel confident and stylish. In this video, I briefly discuss the history of petite fashion and some quick fashion tips for petite women.

I'm Desirae, the founder of Dane Fashion since Sept '21. We are a Vancouver-based petite women’s fashion brand that specializes in petite clothes and petite shoes. So the main question I get when people learn that I run my own petite fashion business is "So what is petite fashion?" And it's a good question.

What is petite fashion?

Everyone has their own opinion of what makes someone petite, but for me it's about creating and designing clothing, shoes, and accessories that fit women 5'4' and under. In the West, this describes just about half of the women's population, which is why I chose to focus my business on this specific demographic.

I, too, am petite (4'10 / 148cm), so I most certainly can relate to the challenges faced by many petite ladies when shopping. That's why Dane Fashion was created: to provide a place where petite women can look and feel great, no matter what their shape. 💙

Diversity among petite women

As we are all unique individuals with different body shapes, one size certainly does not fit all! So today, I would like to share some valuable insights about petite fashion with you. What I found most interesting about making this video was learning how petite fashion came to be and its evolution since its origins in the 1940s with American designer, Hannah Troy.


😅 This is my first video so I am a little nervous but but I hope you enjoy it. If you have any interest in future topics, please leave a comment below. It would be greatly appreciated! 

Don't forget to take advantage of our holiday sale! And for more petite fashion guidance, be sure to check out our petite style blogs. You can also join our community of chic petite fashion #danefashion by following us on Instagram.

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