Where are Dane Fashion shoes manufactured?

Our shoes are something special – each pair is meticulously crafted from scratch at our international facility, and guess where that's located? Beautiful China! Now, when it comes to shipping, we're on it. Orders typically get processed and shipped within just one to three business days after our trusty suppliers receive them. And here's the cherry on top – once your order hits the road, you'll get a tracking number. Yep, that means you can easily keep tabs on your order's whereabouts whenever you fancy. Oh, and speaking of fancy, we've got something cool for you – duty-free shipping. Say goodbye to those pesky import duties and taxes. They won't be bothering you when you choose us. It's especially awesome for our international shoppers who usually have to deal with those hefty customs fees. If you've got more questions or need anything else, no sweat! We're right here, ready to help with any quirks or concerns you might have.
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