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Dane Fashion


Each collection features a perfect blend of glamour, elegance, and a touch of romance. By capturing the spirit of the modern woman, each collection showcases timeless essentials and everyday pieces that will forever embody your personality.

You'll find special occasion shoes, flattering dresses, versatile day-to-night ensembles, work-to-weekend staples, and more. You'll feel feminine and attractive with Dane, regardless of whether your style is vibrant and colorful or neutral and demure.


At the heart of Dane is the primary vision to empower petite women to look and feel their best, beginning with clothes that fit properly and look amazing. Each collection is carefully designed to complement your frame perfectly.

The days of hemming, tailoring, and burying our delicate frames in excess fabric, not to mention wearing shoes that fit big, are over!

Having established the ideal garment fit as the foundation, Dane adds a stylish twist by providing a platform for expressing individuality as feminine, creative, and inspiring. Our looks are designed with the authentic, true lifestyle of the modern elegant woman in mind.

Hence, we strive to provide a variety of looks that complement your frame, personality, and lifestyle. Embrace contemporary elegance and individuality wherever you go. Here's Dane Fashion.


Hello, I'm Desirae, the founder of Dane Fashion.

After years of trial and error shopping as a woman who stands 4'10", I find myself disappointed by the lack of fit in many instances. I know how difficult it can be for petite women to find clothes that fit properly.

I've walked past major shoe and clothing retailers countless times and seen many products on the window displays that I like. I try on the smallest size, hoping it would fit, only to find out that it is too big.

Dane Fashion was created to fulfill the needs of petite women everywhere who want to shop for clothing, shoes, and accessories that fit, enhance their style, and make them feel great!


Dane Fashion envisions building a community of petite women who embrace size inclusivity, body positivity, and empowerment. Become part of Dane's Chic Petites today!


Our mission is to find quality clothing, shoes, and accessories from suppliers that are in all the petite sizes! Our goal is to make sure that every customer is completely satisfied with their purchase at Dane Fashion. If at any point you're unhappy, let us know, and we'll make it right. Since we carefully select our suppliers and stand by our products, we expect this to be unlikely.

We provide prompt customer service and friendly support because our priorities are yours. Visit the FAQ page for more information.


Since we are a startup company, we are always seeking new and creative ways that will benefit the petite community. Please reach out if you have any feedback or suggestions to help us improve.